Rick was born in Cox's Cove, Newfoundland on October 7th, 1982. Rick was introduced to the fishing industry at a young age by his grandfather whom he calls dad. Rick's grandparents were both inshore fisherman who fished lobster, crab and cod; they taught Rick everything they knew and showed him what it meant to be a hard-working fisherman.


Rick followed in his dad's footsteps and was determined to persure a career in fishing. He enrolled in Memorial University's Marine Institute and completed his fishing master class 4. Rick then returned to Cox's Cove to work for his dad full-time.


After retirement, Rick's dad handed over his enterprise with the hopes that Rick would continue the Crane legacy. Rick purchased his first long-liner in 2013, the FV Corrina Maria. This vessel helped Rick expand his grandparent's legacy into other fisheries and

grow the business. In the Spring of 2015, Rick purchased a new boat and named it the

FV Crane's Legacy as a tribute to his family.


Rick plans to return to school to complete his fishing master class 3 and continue building community relationships in order to maintain a successful career in his dad/family's honour.